‘Archisha focuses as much on creating employment as it does on creating value products’

Archisha – a ray of Light is a social enterprise created with the sole intent of empowerment of the underprivileged. Established in July 2017, the enterprise aspires to generate income opportunities for the underprivileged by marketing the products designed and created by them. “Shedding light even in the darkest corners” is our vision and our mission is to change the universal consciousness by opening minds and hearts. Our approach aims to provide a global platform to the artisans, remove the concept of middle men, reduce waste in the supply chain and allow for transparent & fair trade. We want to implement and create awareness about the fair trade practices by setting the example of ethical work flow system.

Our primary goal is to support Samarpan Foundation (a registered charitable not-for-profit entity, established in September 2006 in New Delhi) in creating income earning opportunities for the deprived women beneficiaries, post the completion of their vocational skill training. Due to domestic responsibilities and orthodox family background the beneficiaries are not allowed to go out and earn. Our endeavor serves as a platform to support such beneficiaries by giving them an opportunity to work from home or at Samarpan training centers. Currently 180+ Samarpan women beneficiaries are working for Archisha.


Our Existing Artisans Currently Consists Of Two Production Centers in Delhi

Located in South-West Delhi, India, Kishangarh is an Urban Village inhabited by migrant workers: rag pickers, sweepers, construction workers, etc. The women living in this urban village have lost the opportunity to lead a respectful life in their very own families. Through this empowerment project we seek to induce self-respect, confidence, financial and social independence amongst women who are suppressed by hopelessness, abuse, dominance and malnourishment. We are currently working with 120 women artisans in the centre, building their capacities towards self- reliance and earning a livelihood.


ARIA was started with the sole objective to empower Afghani refugee women living in Malviya Nagar belonging to one of the most traditionally and culturally orthodox community in the world. The target beneficiaries of the project are the women who have migrated from Afghanistan to India and are residing in Malviya Nagar as refugees and asylum seeker. However, in the beginning of the year 2020 many Somalian refugee women reached out to our production centre, and we have extended the project to include not just afghani refugees but, also Somalians and any other women artisan living in the area who seeks our help and support. The impact of the project is not limited to the women undergoing direct training, but has impacted their families and the whole community. This project has been able to bring a change in the mind-set of the families, it has encouraged the women to stand up for themselves and aspire to do something and be something. We are currently working with 100 women artisans in ARIA.



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